Can We Have Some Examples From That “Wave Of Hate”?

by John Hawkins | July 23, 2007 8:30 am

You hear a lot about supposed “anti-immigrant” language and “hateful rhetoric” that occurred during the immigration debate, but seldom have any examples ever been provided. In fact, it’s safe to say that the word “anti-immigrant” was probably used a hundred times for every time some columnist, blogger, or talk radio host used any language that could fairly be called “anti-immigrant.”

The open borders and amnesty crowd are still going on about it today. For example, La Raza is out there talking about an imaginary “Wave of Hate”[1] that never occurred in the Washington Times,

“The nation’s largest Hispanic advocacy group says it must come up with a strategy to combat “a wave of hate” its leaders say came from talk radio’s efforts to sink the Senate’s immigration bill.

“That had an extraordinary impact in the Senate, and as a nation, I don’t think we should be comfortable with the fact that the United States Senate responded to what was largely a wave of hate,” Cecilia Munoz, the National Council of La Raza’s senior vice president for research, advocacy and legislation, told The Washington Times after meeting with NCLR affiliates to talk about a new strategy.

Stung by the collapse of the immigration bill in the Senate last month, NCLR leaders and members at the group’s annual convention in Miami Beach, which began yesterday, say they will have to start a campaign to register and mobilize voters, to warn against crossing the line in the debate and to force lawmakers to take a clear stand on what they are willing to tolerate.

“I think we have to shine a light on it,” Ms. Munoz said. “At the end of the day, we believe people need to take sides, that you can’t stand on the sidelines, especially if part of what is motivating the actions of the United States Congress is not really about the public-policy debate, but is about their discomfort with Latinos.”

Aside from the sort of internet morons who send out hate mail and make dumb comments on forums, I haven’t seen any examples of a “wave of hate” and you won’t find any examples in the Washington Times article either.

Know why? Because to people like La Raza, Linda Chavez, the Bush Administration, liberals, etc., hate is saying that English should be this country’s official language, opposing amnesty, or not wanting to take in 12-20 million foreigners from anywhere in one fell swoop.

In other words, they define hate as securing our border, enforcing our laws, and not wanting to give a free pass to an unlimited number of illegal immigrants that are already here and will arrive in the future if they have their way.

That’s not hate, it’s common sense for those of us who “want to do what’s right for America,” as opposed to racist groups like La Raza AKA the Race, that have more loyalty to Hispanics from another country than they do to Americans who don’t happen to be Hispanic. If you want to find the racists in this debate, you’ll find almost all of them on the side of the people promoting open borders and amnesty.

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