Canadian Human Rights Commission/blogger lawsuit roundup

* Best, briefest and most entertaining explanation of Mark Steyn’s HRC case, in which he is charged with “blatant Islamophobia”. With funny pictures and everything!

* Steyn fights back with superb new counterattack against the self-appointed “hate speech” cops in (also-being-sued) Maclean’s magazine.

* “What does Obama have in common with Canada’s Human Rights Commissions?”

* Short, sweet and extremely accurate explanation of the separate lawsuit naming me and other conservative Canadian bloggers — including Ezra Levant — who’ve just happen to have been at the forefront of exposing the censorship, “drive-by Wi-Fi” theft and other abuses of the Human Rights Commissions.

(Thanks to everyone who has donated to our Legal Defense Funds, as promoted by Michelle Malkin and other incredible folks!)

(Kathy Shaidle blogs, rants and gets sued by Green-Party-members-masquerading-as-Nazis at

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