Catch & Release Border Security

Last week, I wrote about our infuriating and irresponsible catch and release policy for non-Mexican illegal aliens in Texas. In effect, if you cross the border in certain parts of Texas and you’re not from Mexico, not only do you have nothing to fear from the border patrol, they actually MAKE LIFE EASIER FOR YOU.

There is a new story out on this surreal practice from The San Diego Union-Tribune with details in it that will absolutely blow your mind.

To begin with, the article describes a group of 20 illegals from Brazil who immediately started LOOKING FOR THE BORDER PATROL (What’s wrong with that picture?) as soon they crossed into the US. Here’s why…

“The group was detained overnight and given a court summons that allowed them to stay in the United States pending an immigration hearing. Then a Border Patrol agent drove them to the McAllen bus station, where they continued their journey into America.

The formal term for the court summons is a “notice to appear.” Border Patrol agents have another name for it. They call it a “notice to disappear.”

Of the 8,908 notices to appear that the immigration court in nearby Harlingen issued last year to non-Mexicans, 8,767 failed to show up for their hearings, according to statistics compiled by the Justice Department’s Executive Office of Immigration Review. That is a no-show rate of 98 percent.”

Maybe we could try this wildly successful approach to law enforcement with other types of crimes.

“Hey you, stop breaking into that house! No, no, I’m not going to take you to the station. Look, just show up at the court house in a month for your trial. What if you don’t show? Well, then duh, you’d get away free and clear. It’s not like we have the manpower to look for you. But, you look like an honest guy — despite the whole “burglary thing,” so I’m sure I can trust you to appear for court despite the fact that there are going to be no consequences whatsoever if you don’t. Yep, no consequences whatsoever. Well, I’m off to foil some other crimes. See you in a month!”

Perhaps this policy explains why — according to the article — 260 illegals from Brazil were apprehended crossing the border in 1995, and 22,000 were “captured” in the first 8 months of this year.

But guess what? You haven’t even heard the worst of it….

“The morning after Agent Balderas encountered the 20 Brazilians, another Border Patrol agent drove them to the McAllen bus station where they headed toward their destinations. They were armed with notices to appear that carried them safely past Border Patrol checkpoints.

Two days later, Graice De Olveira-Silva and three companions from Brazil were working for her relatives’ house-cleaning business in Atlanta.”

You get that? We’re actually driving these illegals around and giving them what are essentially “get out of jail free cards.” Why don’t we just hand them big sacks of cash and welcome signs?

Now you may be wondering: while we’re making life comfy for these illegals, who’s guarding the border? Good question! From the article:

“Many Border Patrol agents express frustration over the dilemma. They also worry that the high volume of non-Mexicans is taking up much of their time and might be making it easier for potential terrorists to slip past. Some said they spend much of their 10-hour shift processing non-Mexicans.

One night last month when six agents were processing non-Mexicans at the Border Patrol’s Rio Grande City station, for example, only seven agents were patrolling the 84 miles of river under their watch.

Agent Isidro Noyola, who that night detained illegal immigrants from Brazil and Honduras, said, “Our fear is that when we are processing and not patrolling the border, somebody else is going to be coming through.”

Get that? We have 84 miles of river being watched on 13 guys — which seems ridiculous to begin with. But on top of that, we have 6 agents actually helping non-Mexican illegals get into the country while the other 7 agents are covering the border.

Here’s what it comes down to, folks:

“Others with the Border Patrol complained that they are being reduced to little more than gun-toting travel agents in uniforms.”

You remember that “gun-toting travel agents in uniforms” quote the next time you hear a politician talking about what a great job we’re doing on the border in this country. In reality, when it comes to illegal aliens and border security, this country operates like a corrupt banana republic. The politicians in Washington, Republican and Democrat, give us a little tough talk about how they’re locking down the border; meanwhile, they couldn’t care less that they’re allowing illegals to flood into this country, that they’re allowing drugs to flow over the border, and that they’re leaving us wide open for another 9/11.

The way this issue is being handled is a travesty, it’s a national disgrace, and we just cannot continue on this way…

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