Catholic Church Members Killed in Terrorist Siege in Baghdad

by Kathleen McKinley | November 1, 2010 10:51 am

I saw this yesterday at BBC News, I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten much attention here. [1]

Terrorists took 100 Church members hostage in a Catholic Church in Baghdad yesterday. Iraqi forces went in and the terrorists blew themselves us. The AP is reporting that 52 are dead, among them 2 priests, with dozens wounded.

Local radio reported that one of the gunman, a man with a non-Iraqi accent, called a local TV network during the siege, said he was part of the Islamic State of Iraq, and demanded the release of prisoners in both Egypt and Iraq. The gunmen blew themselves up as Iraqi snipers and commandos closed in, the Guardian reported.

According to, the Islamic State of Iraq was formed in 2006 and its goal is the establishment of a Sunni Islamic state in Iraq. The security website described the group as “possibly just another Al Qaeda front; possibly a shadow government formed under the organization’s auspices.”

  1. I’m surprised it hasn’t gotten much attention here. :

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