Celebrating Thurmond’s Death

Celebrating Thurmond’s Death: Whether it’s Michele Catalano or the Democratic Underground, it shows a real lack of class to mock your political opponents when they die.

I could understand being pleased at the death of our country’s enemies, but if you’re all jazzed up because someone who you dislike politically passes away, then I think it says something about you as a human being — something not very pleasant. You’re not going to see me figuratively dancing on the graves of Jimmy Carter, Noam Chomsky, or Jesse Jackson when they pass on, because I think it’s malodorous to take cheap shots at someone over something as petty as politics when their friends and families are at the height of their grief.

Life is bigger than politics folks. If you’re so consumed with hatred for people you dislike politically that you can’t even show respect for the dead, then maybe you should step back and try to get some perspective on what type of person you’ve become…

***Update***: More from Bryan Preston of JunkYardBlog along these same lines…

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