Change: Obamacare Approval Rating Among Uninsured Plummets To 24%

Change:  Obamacare Approval Rating Among Uninsured Plummets To 24%

Obama is finally doing it. : He’s uniting the country. : Just not in the way he expect:



January 1st may have been a monumental date for those working on and closely following the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but the latest Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds little change in the public’s knowledge and views of the law. With enrollment in new coverage options underway, a majority of the public believes that only “some” of the ACA’s provisions have been put into place, while just about one in five think “most” or “all” of the law has been implemented. Awareness of the law’s individual mandate and health insurance exchanges has increased slightly since last year, but about four in ten of the public overall and half the uninsured remain unaware of other major provisions. For the third month in a row, overall views of the law remain at their post-rollout more negative levels (50 percent unfavorable, 34 percent favorable), though over half the public — including three in ten of those who view the law unfavorably — say opponents should work on improving the law rather than keeping up efforts to repeal it.

Among the uninsured — a key group for outreach under the law — unfavorable views now outnumber favorable views by roughly a 2-to-1 margin (47 percent versus 24 percent). This is a change from last month when 43 percent of the uninsured had an unfavorable view and 36 percent were favorable. More of those without coverage say the law has made the uninsured as a group worse off (39 percent) than better off (26 percent). Despite these views, large shares of the uninsured see health insurance as “very important” and say they need it, while four in ten say they’ve tried to get coverage in the past 6 months, and half expect to get it this year.

That’s a 12 point drop.

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It’s a train wreck.

There’s nothing good about this.

I’m not talking about the point drop. : I’m talking about the whole shebang.

Obamacare is a total failure.

Tell me I’m wrong.

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