Christian Democrats Need To Start Standing Up For Their Faith

by John Hawkins | September 23, 2008 1:47 pm

You know what the scariest thing about Joe Biden[1] is? He’ll be the voice of reason and experience in the White House if Obama wins. That’s right, this guy…

Joe Biden isn’t backing down from his startling claim last week that raising taxes on the rich is the “patriotic” thing to do. On Thursday he upped the ante, thundering that he also has Jesus in his corner. “Catholic social doctrine as I was taught it is, you take care of people who need the help the most,” Mr. Biden preached to a group of union supporters on Thursday.

Heavens! The political left likes to score Republicans for claiming that God is on their side, but here we have Mr. Biden claiming support from both God and Caesar. If Sarah Palin tried this, she’d send the boys at the Daily Kos into cardiac arrest. We won’t get into a theological debate with Mr. Biden, except to say that Biblical tax rates tended to run around 10%, not the 39.6%-plus that Barack Obama’s tax plan calls for.

It’s no surprise that Joe Biden tried to redefine paying taxes as being “patriotic.” Liberals are always trying to come up with some new form of patriotism or another because the old, cherished form of patriotism — loving your country — is something that liberals as a general rule aren’t very good at.

However, what I really want to note is Biden’s attempt to appropriate Jesus’ support for his socialistic tax scheme.

You ever notice that most liberals have exactly two reactions to Christianity?

The first is outright hatred, fear, and scorn. Lunatics like Andrew Sullivan go on stemwinders about theocracy, the ACLU attacks Christianity at every opportunity, and most of the rank and file libs sneer at people who take their faith seriously.

The other reaction, which you usually see when we get closer to the election and liberals are desperately trying to cover up their visceral loathing of all things Christian is grotesque pandering. Suddenly, every black church in America has a liberal politician in the pulpit and dufuses like Joe Biden are claiming Jesus supports their tax plan or would support Al Gore’s scheme to fight global warming.

It’s really grotesque and do you know who is ultimately at fault for it? The Christians in this country who also happen to be Democrats because they refuse to stand up for their own faith. Where are the Christians in the Democratic Party who’re giving Joe Biden a tongue lashing for this? Where are the Christians saying that the Democratic Party isn’t big enough for them and the ACLU? Why aren’t there Christians stepping up to defend their faith when lefty blogs mock them?

Sure, there are Democrats and liberals who are Christians, but there isn’t much public evidence that they have the courage of their convictions.

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