Christmas Vacation Part 1: Enjoy The Content

I’m going out of town tomorrow morning for my Christmas vacation and I won’t be back until Sunday. So you’ll have a little something to read while I’m gone, here’s a little content to chew on…

The 2002 Post-Election Version Of ACPOTI
ACPOTI: The Greys Are Mutants From Atlantis Who Bred With Lizards…
ACPOTI: What Were You Thinking On 9/11/01?
Bloggers Make Predictions For 2003
Conservative Bloggers Select The 20 Worst Figures In American History
An Inteview With John Hawkins
An Interview With Milton Friedman
An Interview With Victor Davis Hanson
Is America Better Off Being Feared Or Loved?
The Lone Ranger Philosophy
A Message From The Citizens Of The ‘Great Satan’ To The Rest Of The World
The Nostradamus Effect
The Transcript Of GWB’s Sept 20th, 2001 Speech
The Two Year Old’s Tantrum That Never Ends
The Questions Conspiracy Theorists Need To Ask Themselves
RWN’s Favorite George S. Patton Quotes
Smacking Down The Hollywood Stars

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