Cindy McCain Speaks In New Jersey

I’ve always had my doubts about John McCain as our presidential nominee, but I can’t help but very much admire his wife, who seems to be as humble, generous, and gracious as she is beautiful. And until this morning, when I heard her speak at a fundraiser for her husband, I have had little desire to attend one of his events. After hearing her glowing affirmation of McCain – however unsurprising – I believe I’m a little more at ease about the next four years.

With a poise that could rival any First Lady, Cindy McCain spoke today about how humbled she was to be in the position she is in at present, and how she has confidence in her husband as “the greatest man” she’s ever known to be the leader of our country. She refrained from getting political, instead discussing the qualities of his character: “The things that first attracted me to John are things that I think are what attract him to the American people,” naming among them intelligence, strength, and courage. She affirmed what a good father he was to their children, always making time for them in his schedule and never missing out on any of the important events in their lives.

To be sure, we’ve heard all of this more times than we can count over the past year, but if I’m like anyone else, most of us don’t simply eat up a candidate’s praises of himself without some substantive reason. Yet Cindy’s genuine words seemed sincere enough to give him credibility, as though she wouldn’t be here today if she didn’t fully believe he had what it takes to be America’s next president. If nothing else, I’d have to agree with Lew Eisenberg, today’s host and Finance Chairman of the RNC when he said that Cindy was a sure “testament to McCain’s good judgment.”

Cindy also talked about her recent experience in Rwanda with the ONE Campaign, where was inspired to continue “helping those who need help.” She was “never so humbled, never felt so small” as when she spoke to a young woman there who, after witnessing her family being murdered and then being gang raped and left for dead, had the grace and fortitude to forgive her offenders; she hoped to be “strong for the good of her country”. It was touching to see someone as affluent and privileged as Cindy McCain so moved by what she saw in this woman and in the Rwandan people. She’s been a humanitarian for years, and I’m sure she would make the most of her position if she were First Lady.

In the end, I guess my point is that while my support for John McCain is more out of necessity than my liking for him, his wife makes him more appealing in the same way that Michelle Obama has made Barack look like less of a patriot. Clearly, there’s a reason she hasn’t been in the public eye much since her first-time-I’m-proud-of-my-country statements. If today’s crowd was any indicator, however, Republicans around the state seem to have a great deal of respect and admiration for Cindy; there was a constant buzz about what a good “First Couple” the two would make. Especially considering the alternative.

Incidentally, I sat next to two Democratic Hillary supporters at the event who had decided to join McCain’s campaign and make a permanent switch to the Republican Party, expressing their strong dislike of Barack Obama and lamenting that the Democrat Party is “no longer what it used to be.” They both assured the rest of us that there are plenty of others out there who are like them, and November was looking good for McCain.

I’m still waiting to see whether it will be looking good for conservatives, but in the meantime I’m quite thrilled to see what a strong role model America might have in Cindy McCain. As she promised today, she hopes to be “the best representative she can for young women”; from what I can tell, though, she’s got the potential to reach far beyond this realm.

Many thanks to Republican fundraiser Candy Straight for the invitation.

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