College Professor: It’s All Right To Talk About Executing “Anyone Who’s Ever Voted Republican” As Long As It’s Said With A Smile?

by John Hawkins | March 13, 2007 12:22 pm

Another day, another left-wing professor getting away with making an outrageous remark[1]:

“A professor at North Idaho College says it’s all right to talk about executing “anyone who’s ever voted Republican” as long as it’s said with a smile.

The belief was expressed by instructor Jessica Bryan when her comments were challenged by a student, Linda Cook, who served as an aide to the late U.S. Rep. Helen Chenoweth, R-Idaho, and is a longtime supporter of the Republican Party.

Cook wrote to the school asking for a refund on fees she paid for a course taught by Bryan, after she withdrew because of the instructor’s comments. Cook told the Spokane Spokesman-Review that Bryan used every class period in the English composition course to criticize and disparage Republicans, including the suggestion of the death penalty for everyone who chooses to support a Republican with a vote.

….Among the allegations: Bryan reported President George W. Bush won the election “because people … can’t read,” and, regarding the death penalty: “First we line up everyone who can’t think and right behind them, anyone who’s ever voted Republican.”

…Bryan said she thought Cook had enjoyed the “debate” of the classroom, but Cook said she chose not to confront the teacher during class time. “If someone’s suggesting you just be killed you don’t sit down and say ‘let’s talk,'” Cook said.

Bryan’s perception is that she was the one who was hurt.

<>“I do see it as an insult, personally and professionally,” she said. Bryan told the Sentinel she believes Cook is making a “mountain out of a molehill.”

The department syllabus notes that English 102 teaches “critical thinking” as well as essay and persuasive writing.”

Someone like this professor, Jessica Bryan, has no business teaching college students — and that’s not just because her Stalinesque suggestion that anyone who chooses to vote for a Republican should be murdered. College courses aren’t supposed to be about indoctrinating students and if a professor is determined to “criticize and disparage Republicans” during every class — or for that matter, “criticize and disparage” Democrats, then that shows she/he is not fit to teach.

College students all across the country are being put in a situation day in and day out, where they’re forced to endure insults throughout class and either hide the face that they’re conservative, or risk their grades by confronting the political ideologue teaching the class. It’s ridiculous and it shouldn’t continue.

That’s why tenure and the idea that a college professor can say absolutely anything and get away with it because of “academic freedom,” should be abolished because it puts the welfare of the teacher above the welfare of the students. Being given a room of students to teach is an enormous responsibility and professors who don’t handle it properly, like Bryan, don’t deserve to have jobs.

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