Come Up With The 10 Best Nicknames For The Obama/Biden Ticket.

There are three excellent nicknames I’ve seen for Obama/Biden.

The first was the Clean and Jerk ticket, which is a reference to Biden’s infamous comment about Obama, “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

I also like Michelle Malkin’s Smarmy and Smirky.

Then there’s the Ace of Spades HQ inspired, “Obama and Mr. Peabiden.” Granted, it’s not as catchy as the other two, but it does come with a nifty graphic,

Now c’mon, folks, there have gotta be a few more out there. So, add those nicknames for the Obama/Biden ticket in the comments section and I’ll run a poll tomorrow and let people vote on the best one.

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