Comments From 9/11 — As They Happened

Fark has posted a thread about WTC & Pentagon attacks from 9/11. You can actually got there and see what people had to say as the event unfolded. Here are a few choice comments that I picked out of the thread, most of which came within 2 hours of the first attacks…


CharlieBrown: This is our Pearl Habour. The gloves are off, now.


ExcessiveForce: This is completely insane! Amazing! someone’s really going to get their @sses kicked.

Bin Laden?

bluefenderstrat: This is farking unbelievable. Bin Laden? Whoever did this must be killed.

bigpeeler: Find this son of a biatch Bin Laden NOW!!!!! This smells like him all over. We must retaliate and hard. I hope everyone keeps their head.

Grumman: Bin Liden…Again…I would guess, I am infuriated

BurnKateDrumGuy: Death to Bin Laden.


overlord: The Democratic Front for the Liberatin of Palastine has claimed responsibility. — BBC

fb-: Pentagon was just hit by a helecoptor

Sethor: I’ve heard word on local radio that the south wall of the White House is on fire as well, but have yet to see anything else to verify that.

I’m gonna have trouble sleeping tonight.

vd0man: D@mn…NBC just reported a THIRD plane crashed at the Pentagon! WTF it’s a terrorist conspiracy?!?

The Left

Wallythecat: Why is anyone suprised? We can go off and bomb whoever we want but when someone has the nerve to attck us…. It’s all out WAR! No one seems to mind that there hasn’t been a war on american soil since the civil war, yet all the other wars in all the other countries just gets a shrug and is dismissed entirely…. Innocent people are killed all the time. It’s just happening to us this time. Get over it…

NexR: Get war out of your heads people. There is no one country at fault for this. It one or more terrorist organizations united in a common effort. I’m not going to start beating the war drum. Who would we declare war on? Its a thousand people responsible at most.

Gasolia: War mongers take it up the @ss. This is great. Too bad civilians were involved.

melf: Ive been watching the news all day, this’s insane. You know Bush is probably going to try and attack someone to look all righteous in the people’s eyes…yuck…

…Im shocked that a plane crashed into the Pentagon, that’s a slap in the face to our country, I hope we dont have some big war…that’s it, Im moving to Canada

Worry & Loss

monkyman: This is so completely messed up. One of my co-workers sisters work in that building

squinth: Man oh man. Casualties in the buildings and both planes. This is an awful day. I am shaken.

wagoneer: my brother used to work with about 80 people in that part of the tower that collasped. can someone post a picture?

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