Condi for VP?

Condi for VP?


Yesterday afternoon, the Drudge Report stated that Condoleezza Rice was a frontrunner for VP spot on the Republican ticket this year. :  Larry O’Connor, who was sitting in for Chris Plante, complimented Drudge this morning on WMAL: stating “he got a tip, he followed up, he verified it and published it.” : In other words, he reported the news. : However, while some on Twitter and Facebook voiced their support, she is fairly moderate on social issues and has no experience concerning running a campaign for office. A point that the US Editor for The Daily Mail, Toby Harnden, made on Twitter.



She has exceptional foreign policy experience, but that’s not a major issue in this campaign. : In fact, with Obama’s successful drone program and killing of Bin Laden, it could be a disastrous misstep for Republicans to hit the president on this issue. : Furthermore, an effete missile treaty (NEW START) is way down on the list of issues that will motivate Americans to vote this year in tough economic times.

As I stated before, her pro-choice views may be a problem with some in our movement, but Sarah Palin has made some positive remarks about the former Secretary of State. : She stated Dr. Rice: “would make a wonderful vice president, and dismissed concerns that the former of secretary of State might not oppose abortion rights.”

Palin continued by saying “I would certainly prefer a presidential and vice presidential candidate who had that respect for all innocent precious purposeful human life,” Palin said.: “We need to remember, though, that it’s not the vice president that would legislate abortion and that would be Congress’s role, and we’ll keep that in mind.”

Regardless, while I’m a huge fan of Dr. Rice, despite some of her social views, we need a more conservative ticket and so does Mr. Romney. : Even though he has the nomination locked up, many are skeptical of his conservative credentials. : An unfortunate turn, since it makes the non-issue of the VEEPSTAKES a critical point in his campaign. : Personally, I think Gov. Bobby Jindal or Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers would be great picks to excite the base, but we’ll see what happens.

However, I would like to see Romney pick his running mate before the start of the Olympics. : Let the media coverage of the London games drown out the inevitable bad press Mitt’s VP pick will receive, which would allow the Romney campaign to maintain his focus on Obama’s economic record and avoid pivots that alter their narrative against Obama.


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