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This woman consented at 18, no problem:

Full disclosure (or is it oversharing?): I entered into a relationship with an older man when I was 18. I knew what I was doing, and frankly, I would have known what I was doing at 17 or at 16. But since this wasn’t a Romeo and Juliet situation (i.e., we weren’t just a couple years apart in age), it would’ve been criminal to get together any earlier. To which I say, get off my back, government!
These laws are very culture- and century-specific. What we call May-December now would’ve been called June-September not too long ago. Not everyone’s sexual desires fit neatly into the particular mores of the time they live in.

Not long ago, I met a married couple, four kids in, who had met when he was in his late-20s and she was 16. They were still going. She said, “Yeah, we did everything wrong” and she grinned.

Well. There is no question in my mind that some sixteen year old girls know what they’re doing, but the laws aren’t put there for some girls and boys–they are for everyone. And for every Lolita who seemed self-aware at 14, there are ten who still possess childlike innocence.

Lowering the age of consent endangers these children. And even the mature, aware girls don’t know what they don’t know. It won’t be until they’re older, that they get the creepiness factor. In all their horny, nubile-nature they won’t get it now. but they will get it later. Maybe. Or maybe, they’ll be happily married.

Either way, I prefer the law to be conservative and let families make exceptions than the other way around. Young people will be pushed into the world unprotected soon enough.

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