Conservative Talk Radio Recap: Oct 12-16

My latest roundup of conservative talk radio highlights — including FREE audio and video clips — is now up at WND.

Needless to say, the Rush Limbaugh/NFL saga is a big part of it, and after deadline, there’ve been more developments. Rush Limbaugh tells his side of the story at the Wall Street Journal today, while his African-American call screener, “Bo Snerdly,” has some choice words for everyone who smeared his boss.

* Mark Steyn talked to Hugh Hewitt about Rush and other stuff; Steyn also spent an hour on Frank Gaffney’s newish (and free to listen to) podcast, which he may want to rename Fan Boy Radio. (In fairness: Steyn has that effect on women, too…)

* There’s nothing like Laura Ingraham when she gets really wound up about something. This week, it was the media’s coverage of Balloon Boy. (FREE audio.)

* Dennis Miller had another great week. Alas: audio archives are available to premium members only. (As are Dennis Prager’s and Hugh Hewitt’s now). However, he had his first column in the Washington Examiner, and it’s a goody.

PLUS: “Kansas City needs Fred Thompson” — and SNL needs… Glenn Beck?

(Kathy Shaidle blogs at FiveFeetOfFury, now in its ninth year. Among other things, she runs a web site devoted to conservative talk radio.)

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