Conservative talk radio weekly recap: Jan 3-7

by Kathy Shaidle | January 8, 2011 11:34 am

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PLUS: Glenn Beck’s latest hire — former HuffPo CEO Betsy Morgan!grants an intriguing if jargon-stuffed interview to Forbes, explaining why she made the switch:

The other thing I’ll say is it was very deliberate in the press release to talk about The Blaze and not talk about The destination play is the cornerstone of the business, but I think in 2011 content companies like Glenn’s are looking at creating consumer packages that are deeply engaging on many levels. (…)

When I joined HuffPost in 2007, we said people coming in through the front door of Huffpost isn’t going to be the way we grow. With The Blaze, the idea of people having to stop in at The Blaze website in order to consume The Blaze content is something that is very 2007. We’re not in a world that’s about single-destination websites anymore. We’re in a world that’s about brand and conversation and community.

ALSO: “Golden Voice” “Homeless Radio Guy” Ted Williams is still in the news. (My take on the phenomenon yesterday.) (UPDATE: Rick McGinnis nicely quoted my observations on the Michael Coren show last night; story starts around 6:00 minute mark).

Industry insider Jerry Del Colliano says the radio business didn’t “get the real message” of the Ted Williams story — but you’ll have to pay for his newsletter to learn what he thinks it is.

And then there’s Top 10 Things Homeless Radio Guy Will Hear From His New [Program Director]”

The New York Daily News introduces the story’s “real hero”:

A viral video vaulted Ted Williams and his golden voice to fame, but the real hero of this story is the woman he left behind.

Patricia Kirtley raised four daughters alone after Williams split 23 years ago and dove down the rabbit hole of drugs.

Not only that, Kirtley took in the baby boy the radioman had with another woman and raised him as her own.

Oh, and by the way, she’s partially blind.

(PS: if you’ve ever wished there was a “TiVo for talk radio” — there is!)

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