CPAC Update: George Will Speech – Presidential Dinner

by John Hawkins | February 8, 2008 10:05 pm

Earlier tonight I was planning to head to the big $225 a seat Reagan banquet and one of the other bloggers had some friends who wanted to go, but they had no tickets. So, she asked me if I could hustle some up. No problem, I managed to score 3.

Then another blogger, Skye[1] from Midnight Blue[2], who is total sweetheart, came by and she was dying to go, but my ticket well had run dry. I told her, don’t worry about it, if you want to go, I will talk them into letting you in without a ticket.

So, the whole group of us met up outside the door, I started talking fast and next thing you know, I managed to get her in without a ticket. The group of us sat down, ate dinner, watched the early awards, and then George Will spoke.

He gave a well received, wide ranging talk on conservatism and liberalism and he threw in a healthy dose of why conservatives should support McCain. Will sounded great and the audience liked what he had to say, but he did step in it when he tried to defend the Mac’s amnesty policy and was lustily boo’d by the crowd, myself included. All in all, still, it was very enjoyable.

Look for the short video mash-up on Monday (there are going to be a lot of those).

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