Crank Up The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Weather Machine, Fellas, It’s Time To Hit Another Liberal City!

Ray “Chocolate City” Nagin is at it again,

“Ladies and gentlemen, what happened in New Orleans could happen anywhere,” Nagin said at a dinner sponsored by the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a trade group for newspapers that target black readers. “They are studying this model of natural disasters, dispersing the community and changing the electoral process in that community.”

And really, it’s a clever plot if you think about it.

Step #1: Find a liberal city that’s on the coast, below sea level, and staffed from top to bottom with completely incompetent liberal Democrats who will be incapable of responding effectively to a national disaster.

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Step #2: Use the VRWC’s weather machine to launch a hurricane at that city.

Step #3: Watch as the liberals from that city move all over the country.

Step #4: Pour more taxpayer dollars than we’ve ever spent on any national disaster (and 2 or 3 times more than New Orleans should be getting) into that city as cover for the brilliant plot!

In all seriousness, why wouldn’t people want to leave New Orleans? It’s a below sea level city on the coast, that still has levies that probably don’t work, is overrun with crime, and is run by completely incompetent politicians.

If you were trying to pick a city to live in, somewhere in the United States, New Orleans would have to be pretty close to the bottom. That was true before Katrina and it’s even more true now that they have voted the local pols responsible for the horrible response to the hurricane back into office and are foolishly rebuilding some of the most vulnerable areas of the city.

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