Daily News For April 10, 2006


Plane Carrying House Members Fired On With Russian Missile C-130’s Defenses Repelled Anti-Aircraft Device Aimed At Delegation On ‘Lights-Out’ Iraq Flight

Iran ‘Shoots Down Unmanned Plane’

North Korea’s Defence Chief Has Warned That Pyongyang Could Also Launch A Pre-Emptive Attack Against The United States, With State Media Saying Soldiers Were Ready To Be “Human Bombs.”

July 7 Bombs In London Were A ‘Demo’ Not Terrorism, Claims Professor. He Also Said That To Refer To The Attacks As Terrorism Risked “Demonising” Those Involved.

Saudi Arabia May Join Nuclear Club

U.S. Study Paints Somber Portrait Of Iraqi Discord (Free New York Times Reg Req)


350,000 To 500,000 Illegals March In Dallas

Signs From The Illegal Immigration Rally In Dallas: “Honkies, Why Don’t You Take Your *sses Back To Europe”

House Of Representatives Majority Leader John Boehner On Sunday Rejected Efforts To Establish A Guest Worker Program In The United States (Applause)

Gossip Reporters Shakes Down Billionare For Protection From Lies In Print

Man Apprehended On White House Grounds. Secret Service Arrest Bearded Man, 40, Seen Screaming On The Front Lawn

House Ethics Panel’s Top Democrat Denies Charges

Ed Klein, The Author Of A Controversial Tell-All Biography Of Hillary Clinton Is Turning His Attention To John McCain, In What Could Take Apart The “Mr Clean” Image Of The Frontrunner For The 2008 Republican Presidential Nomination


Mark Steyn: No Easy Answers On Immigration Conundrum (Superb)

Ralph Peters: Does Iran Want War?

Don Feder: No Amnesty for Republicans

Victor Davis Hanson: Has Ahmadinejad Miscalculated?


Brutal Torture Camp Turns Afghan Boys Pro-America

Guerrilla Gardeners Loose In London

Thanks For The Compliment

Manila: Judge’s Psychic Leanings Too Over The top

Video: A Monkey And Dog Playing Together

Website Of The Day: Right Thinking Girl

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