Daily News For April 11, 2006


Illegal Immigrants & Their Supporters Fill Streets Across The Nation

Pics From The Rochester Illegal Immigration Rally: “Open The Borders! Close The Pentagon! Socialist Worker

American Counter Protestor Beaten At Maine Illegal Immigration Rally

Dallas Protest AAR: No Pics, I’m Afraid, Since The Prostestors Smashed My Camera: “Gringos Go Back To Europe!”

Latinos Divided On The Immigration Issue

Arrival Of Aliens Ousts U.S. Workers

Mexican-Flag Burners Plan More Protests (This Is Dumb And Counter-Productive)

Bush Says He Declassified Pre-War Intel

Lawyers: No DNA Match in Duke U. Scandal

Army Surpassing Year’s Retention Goal By 15%


Italy Heads Toward Split In Parliament

Hamas: Israeli Move “A Declaration Of War”

France Scraps Youth Job Law

Powell: U.S. Mistakes Hurting Iraq Now (Thank You, Captain Obvious)


Heather Mac Donald: What Would Mexico Do with Protesting Illegals?

Mac Johnson: Don’t Cry For The Failed Immigration ‘Compromise’

National Review: Katherine Harris Should Drop Out Of The Race In Florida (Agreed)

John Fund: Flirting With Disaster. Will 2006 Be For Republicans What 1994 Was For Democrats?

Bob Carter: There Is A Problem With Global Warming… It Stopped In 1998

Rich Lowry: What Bush Should Do (Good Advice)


NASA To Crash Space Probe Into Moon

Video: New System Acts As A “Force Field” Against RPGs

Cheney Once On Receiving End Of Shotgun

Britney Spears Drops Out Of ‘Sexiest 100’

Lions To Protect Pregnant Jolie’s Privacy: Paper

Website Of The Day: The Cpl Nich Dieruf Memorial Fund

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