Daily News For April 3, 2006


Frist Wants Immigration Vote This Week

Call Your Republican Senators Today And Tell Them You Don’t Want Illegal Immigrants To Remain In The United States As Guest Workers Or Senators

Ban On U.S., Mexican Flags Spurs Protest At High School (It’s Disgraceful That The American Flag Was Banned)

George Allen Splits With Bush On Immigration (Applause)

John McCain Praises Pro-illegal Protests

Army Blocks Soldiers From Using Own Body Armor

Laura Bush Says Hillary Kept Bad House; West Wing Decorations Were Gaudy, Outdated


The Palestinian “Minister Of Foreign Affairs” Mahmoud Al-Zahar Shares His Dream: The Destruction Of Israel

Former U.S. President Clinton Supports Dialogue With Hamas

One Killed In Canada Coffee-Shop Explosion

Claim: Zarqawi ‘Sacked For Mistakes’

Claim: Britain In Secret Talks On Iran Strikes

Not True, She Says: Freed Journalist Jill Carroll Retracts Comments

Condi Rice And Jack Straw Go To Baghdad

Venezuela’s Chávez Seeks To Peg Oil At $50 A Barrel

Afghan Convert Sheds Muslim Name. Man Threatened With Death For Becoming Christian Now Known As ‘Joel’


Mark Steyn: Don’t Deny That Some Muslims Are Hot For Jihad

George Will: Cooler Heads Needed On Warming

Michael Barone: The News Media

Lars Larson: The Illegal Immigration Debate

Strategy Page: Watch the Trends, Not the Headlines In Iraq


World Fertility Rates Broken Down By Country

10 Best Internet Spoofs

Scientists Cheer Wish For A Human Holocaust

Yog-Sothoth Freed from Pentagon (For Lovecraft Fans)

Music Video: Bush Was Right (Surprisingly Good)

Website Of The Day: Reformed Chicks Blabbing

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