Daily News For April 6, 2006


Senate Republicans Strike Immigration Deal On Amnesty Proposal (This Would Be A Nightmare Bill That’s Bad For America)

Rep. Tancredo: We’ll Stop The ‘McKennedy’ Immigration Plan

From An Insider To The Corner: No Illegal Immigration Bill Likely To Pass The Senate

Schools Ban Patriotic Clothes, Flags To Avoid Offending Illegal Immigrants

High-School Coach Fired For Aiding Illegals’ Cause

Reid Flips On Illegals. ‘Change Of Heart’ After His Tough Bill In ’93 Emphasized Failure Of Amnesty

The Senate Will Be Voting On An Illegal Immigration Bill Soon. Call Your Senator Today And Tell Them You Oppose Allowing Illegal Aliens To Stay In The US

House Limits Contributions To Nonprofits. Measure Curbing Donations To ‘527’ Groups Seen As Blow To Democrat (This Is A Bad Bill)

Bush Wants To Modernize The Nation’s Complex Of Nuclear Laboratories And Factories As Well As Produce New Bombs. (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Witness to McKinney Capitol Hill Incident Called Before Grand Jury Today

Tom DeLay On Cynthia McKinney: “She Is A Racist. She Bases Everything On Race. Everything Bad That Has Ever Happened To Her Is Because She’s Black. She’s Anti-Semitic, That’s Who She Is.”

Capitol Police Chief Denies Racism Charge Leveled By McKinney

Russ Feingold: Legalize Gay Marriage


Iraq Car Bombings Plummet 84%

Terror Attack Thwarted In Italy

Hamas Leader: Jews Controlling U.S. Christianity

The WSJ: Anthony Kennedy Attacks The Media And Wonders If Liberals Hate Him


Tammy Bruce: John McCain Thinks Americans Are French

Ann Coulter: Liberal War On Terrorism Heats Up — DeLay Finally Captured

Ed Koch: On Immigration, Don’t Be Afraid to Do What’s Right

David Frum: This Is A Compromise On Illegal Immigration?


9,000-Year-Old Drilled Teeth Are Work of Stone Age Dentists

All The News Dateline Sees Fit To Stage

Website Of The Day: Word Around The Net

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