Daily News For Febuary 6, 2005


Lebanon Apologised To Denmark On Monday After Demonstrators Burned Down The Danish Consulate In Beirut

Few U.S. Papers To Publish ‘Muhammad’ Cartoon (Gutless)

Al-Qaida Terrorists Escape From Prison In Yemen. Global Alert Issued For Islamic Extremists Including Mastermind Of USS Cole Attack

Frist Says Military Action A Posssibility Against Iran


Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., Chairman Of The Senate Judiciary Committee, Says President George W. Bush’s Warrantless Surveillance Program Appears To Be Illegal (Wonder What Toomey Would Have Said?)

How Gonzales Plans To Defend Eavesdropping

Can The President Order A Killing On U.S. Soil?

Bush Tries Again At Entitlement Reform – This Time in Medicare

Pastors Sue Navy For Religious Discrimination. 65 Chaplains Claim They Were Passed Over For Promotions

John Boehner: I’d Consider Stepping Down If DeLay Is Acquitted And Wanted His Old Job Back

NAACP Chief Denies Equating GOP, Nazis. University Backs Julian Bond, But Refuses To Release Tape, Transcript (Why Not Release The Transcript If Bond Is Telling The Truth)

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Mark Steyn: ‘Sensitivity’ Can Have Brutal Consequences

Jeff Jacoby: We Are All Danes Now

Victor Davis Hanson: A European Awakening Against Islamic Fascism?

Matt LaBash: Evicting David Souter

Jack Kelly: About Those Iraqi WMDs: More Signs Are Pointing To A Neighborly Transfer


Dave Chappelle: ‘I Wasn’t Crazy’ (Sure You Weren’t Dave!)

What Man Would Want To Send A Valentine’s Day Card To Oprah?

Indian Groom Quits Wedding Midway For Lack Of Dowry

Website Of The Day: The Independent Women’s Forum

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