Daily News For Jan 9, 2005


A U.S. Helicopter Crashed In Iraq, Killing 12 On Board

Doctors Are Preparing To Bring Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon Out Of A Coma

5 Israelis Who Might Succeed Sharon

Al-Qaida Planning AIDS ‘Suicide Bombers’

Iran To Remove U.N. Seals At Atomic Research Sites

Iraqis Receive Training In Iran

Iran To Hold Holocaust Denial Conference

Report: Man Who Shot Pope To Be Freed


DeLay To Quit Leadership Post

The Names In The Running To Replace DeLay As Majority Leader

Senate Hearings To Begin For Samuel Alito

Eight House Dems Back Impeachment Probe

Harry Belafonte Calls President Bush “The Greatest Terrorist In The World”

Cindy Sheehan: ‘George Bush’ Is Ten Times The Terrorist That Osama Ever Was.”

Schwarzenegger Stiched Up After Motorcycle Mishap

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John Leo: Media Still Overplaying Race Card in Katrina Analysis

Victor Davis Hanson: A Letter To The Europeans. Cry The Beloved Continent

James Gannon: Is God Dead In Europe?

Mark Steyn: U.S. Shouldn’t Have To Do Tap Dance Over Bugging


The Dr. Helen / InstaPundit Podcast With Michelle Malkin

Game: Starcraft Tank Challenge

The Dawn Patrol

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