Daily News For January 24, 2006


Canadians Awarded Conservative Leader Stephen Harper With A Minority Government Monday, Putting An End To More Than 12 Years Of Liberal Rule

Bolton: Bush Won’t Tolerate Nuclear Iran (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Claim: Israel Has Identified 60 Targets In Iran

Three Iraqis, Two Americans Die In Attacks

John McCain: “We Better Understand The Vulnerabilities That Our Economy, And Our Very Lives, Have When We’re Dependent On Iranian Mullahs And Wackos In Venezuela.”

Jury Orders Reprimand, No Jail for Soldier Who Accidentally Killed Iraqi General During Questioning

British Agents Caught Red-Handed By Russia

U.S. Navy Seizes Pirate Ship Off Somalia


CNN / USA Today / Gallup Poll: 54% Support Alito’s Confirmation. 30% Oppose

Gen. Michael Hayden, The Former NSA Director, On The NSA Surveillance Program: “Had This Program Been In Effect Prior To 9/11, It Is My Professional Judgment That We Would Have Detected Some Of The Al-Qaida Operatives In The United States.”

George Bush On NSA Surveillance: “If I Wanted To Break The Law, Why Was I Briefing Congress?”

For The Year Just Passed, The RNC Brought In Nearly $102 Million — Give Or Take A Few Hundred Thousand — And Had $34 Million In The Bank. The Democratic National Committee Raised $51 Million In 2005 But Showed $5.5 Million On Hand At The End Of The Year

Hillary ‘Talks’ Right, Still Votes Left

An Anti-War Activist Gets Six Months In Federal Prison For Splattering His Blood At A Military Recruiting Station (Applause)

Governor Announces Independent Review Of Poutre Case Aka Schiavo Part 2

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Greg Gutfeld: Child Free

David Limbaugh: Alito Is Unacceptably Mainstream

James Lileks: Iraq, Iran And The Undermining Tendencies Of The Left

Brendan Miniter: If President Bush Were Really Abusing Power, He Would Pay A Price


Grotesque Brass Knuckles Implants

How Mainers Greet Troops: Hugs, Fudge And 41 Cellphones

Website Of The Day: The Hill

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