Daily News For January 27, 2006


The Man Who Served As The No. 2 Official In Saddam Hussein’s Air Force Says Iraq Moved Weapons Of Mass Destruction Into Syria Before The War

Hamas Wins Landslide Victory: 76 Seats Vs. 43 Seats

Israel Won’t Talk To Government Including Hamas

Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg Poll: 57% Back A Hit On Iran If Defiance Persists (Free LA Times Reg Req)

Mexico Nixes Border Maps For Migrants

Harper Rebukes U.S. Envoy Over Arctic Dispute (The More Things Change, The More Things Stay The Same Up In Canuckistan)


Democatic Sen. Johnson to Back Alito

John Kerry Calls For A Filibuster Of Alito From Switzerland

Bush Sees No Need For Law To Approve Eavesdropping (Free New York Times Reg Req)

CBS News/New York Times Poll: Bush Approval 42%

The Olathe City Council On Tuesday Started The Eminent Domain Process To Acquire The Butternut Bread Building Owned By Councilman Bob Montgomery

A Gubernatorial Candidate Challenging Pro Football Hall Of Famer Lynn Swann In The Republican Primary Fired His Campaign Manager After The Man Told A Televised Call-In Show: “The Rich White Guy In This Campaign Is Lynn Swann.”

Vt. Judge Increases Child Molester’s Penalty

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The New York Daily News: Palestinian Vote Is Suicide Pact

David Limbaugh: Enough With The Distortions

Mark Tooley: Episcopalians Gone Wild

Bernard Chapin: The Radical Feminist Plague


Dog Accidentally Strangles Little Girl

Video: Ultimate Showdown

7 Minute Funny Video: Stevens Vs. Byrd — A Coot-Off

Website Of The Day: Conservababes: Right from New Fallujah

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