Daily News For May 12, 2006


Questions And Answers About The NSA Phone Record Collection Program

President Bush Makes Remarks on NSA Data Mining Program

Senator John Kyl On The Data Mining Program: “This Is Nuts. We’re In A War And We Got To Collect Intelligence On The Enemy, And You Can’t Tell The Enemy In Advance How You’re Going To Do It, And Discussing All Of This Stuff In Public Leads To That.”

Dems Oppose Terrorist Surveillance

Lacrosse Defense Witness Arrested. Cabbie Questioned In 2003 Incident (This Smells)

Sources: DNA Ties Third Player to Alleged Rape; Defense Says Evidence Is Misleading (Once You Get Into The Details Of The Article, The DNA Evidence Is Very Flimsy)

Democrats Signal Filibuster On Brett Kavanaugh (Let’s Hope So)

Dean Slams Gay Marriage On ‘700 Club’. Liberal Gay Groups Not Happy

Democratic Chairman Howard Dean Mischaracterized His Party’s Platform On Gay Rights In An Interview Courting Evangelicals, Then Set The Record Straight Thursday When A Gay Advocacy Group Called Him On It

Harris Polling: Bush Approval 29%

Bush, GOP Congress Losing Core Supporters Conservatives Point To Spending, Immigration (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Rancher Says Securing Border Everyone’s Job


John McIntyre: Connecting-the-Dots, Data Mining and the Loss of Real Civil Liberties

Kate O’Beirne & Richard Lowry: If The GOP Majority Doesn’t Wake Up, It Will Lose, And Might Even Deserve To

Michael Rubin: Believe Me, Secretary Rice, You Don’t Want To Go Soft On The International Criminal Court

Daniel Henninger: Leakers Lack the Purpose of Cold Warriors

Mike Franc: Immigration And The Welfare State


Give Addicts Contraception In Methadone

An Egyptian Blogger Arrested For Promoting Freedom, Blogs From Jail

Radio DJ Fired After Sex Threat Vs. Rival’s Kid

Website Of The Day: Basil’s Blog

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