Daily News For May 17, 2006

Domestic & Foreign

The Senate Yesterday Voted Against Securing The Border Before Implementing Provisions That Would Grant The Right Of Citizenship To Millions Of Illegal Aliens And That Would Double The Flow Of Legal Immigration.

Call Your Senator And Tell Them That You Oppose Allowing Illegal Immigrants To Be Part Of Guest Worker Program Or Become Citizens

I.C.E. Asst. Secretary Julie Myers: “I Don’t Think We Think That Fencing Is The Best Way To Stop Them On The Border. I Think The President’s Called For…If You Build A Fence, They Build A Tunnel.”

Mexico Threatens Suits Over Guard Patrols

Pro-Illegal Immigration Senator Mike DeWine, Has Now Dropped Behind His Democratic Opponent, For The First Time In A Rasmussen Reports

Pentagon To Release Film Of Sept. 11 Plane Attack. Videotape Not Made Public Before Shows Flight Plowing Into Building

See The Pentagon Video Here

President Backs Off Wiretap Secrecy (Free LA Times Reg Req)

3 U.S. Soldiers, 6 Iraqi Civilians Killed

Judge Strikes Down Ga. Ban on Gay Marriage

Snow Chokes Up During First On-Camera Briefing

Ward Churchill Cited for Research Misconduct


Jim Geraghty: How Frustrated Conservatives Can Reassert Control Over The GOP

Rich Lowry: Clintonian On The Border

Deborah Orin: Prez’s GOP Base Won’t Back Him Up On This

Mark Levin: Where We Are On Illegal Immigration

California Conservative: An Illegal Immigration Fact Sheet

Bret Stephens: How To Stop Iran (Without Firing A Shot)

David Limbaugh: Gay ‘Rights’ — Who Is Harassing Whom?

Disagree With The President, But Don’t Destroy Him


Bill Cosby: “The Men As Young Boys Are Dropping Out Of High School, But They’ve Memorized The Lyrics Of Very Difficult Rap Song.”

Bonds Hit By Pitch. Fans Give Pitcher A Standing Ovation

Lorie Byrd Leaves Polipundit

Website Of The Day: Fark Politics

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