Daily News For Nov 9, 2006


Dems Complete Election Sweep of Congress

Dennis Hastert: The Republican Leader In The 110th Congress Will Have The Responsibility To Emphasize Conservative Values And Reform Principles. I Will Not Seek This Role

Trent Lott Making Comeback as Whip (Oh, Good Grief)

Some Republican Leadership Musings From Rich Lowry

William “Mr. Freeze” Jefferson Advances To Run-Off In His Congressional Race

Bush Says Elections Were a ‘Thumping’

Democrats Ask Bush To Hold Summit On Iraq (Gag)

Peace Mom Sheehan Arrested In Washington

Justices Have Pointed Abortion Discourse

Nifong Beats Two Challengers To Remain Durham D.A.


Saddam To Be Executed By Year End: Iraqi PM

Dems’ Wins In U.S. Races Concern Israel

France Criticizes Israeli Mock Raids

First It Was One Child. Now Authorities Say Beijing Families Will Be Allowed Only One Dog.


Brian Maloney: Democrat Victories Should Revitalize Conservative Talk Radio

Robert Novak: Why Republicans Lost

Jacob Weisberg: The Lou Dobbs Democrats

Neal Boortz: A Well-Earned Kick In The Gut

Mac Johnson: Pence As Minority Leader A Great Deal For Illegal Aliens

Ivy J. Sellars: Conservatism Was Not Defeated

Tony Blankley: Post-Election Washington

Jonah Goldberg: The GOP Betrayed Its Base. Republicans Lost Because Of Scandals And Incompetence, Not Conservative Ideology

Hermain Cain: Compassionate Conservatism Lost


Ankle Biting Pundits Republican Heroes of 2006 (Thanks!)

‘Active’ volcano found on Moon

CNN Blog Party Pics

Pro Gaming Not All Fun, Says Pro Gamer

Website Of The Day: The Belmont Club

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