Daily News For November 21, 2005


U.S. To Reduce Troop Levels In Iraq After December Elections

Al-Zarqawi’s Jordan Family Renounces Him

200,000 Protest Terrorist Attacks In Jordan

Iran Votes To Block Nuclear Inspections

Israel’s Sharon To Quit Likud, Form New Party For 2006 Poll

White House Doubts Al-Zarqawi Among Dead

Al Qaida Nabbed Near Mexican Border

Egypt Cracks Down On Islamists

A Brief History of a Long War (Iraq, 1990-2003)


GOP Forces Democrats To Record Position. House votes to reject withdrawal resolution 403-3.

Video: Jean Schmidt Saying “Cowards Cut And Run, But Marines Never Do” And The Democratic Reaction

Uniformed Mexicans With Guns, Bulldozer Seize Drug-Bust Truck From Border Patrol

Cowboys Take Up AK47s To Combat Drug Runners On Mexican Frontier

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John Leo: We’re All Victims

Francis Harris: Bin Laden Without The Filters

Sgt. Hook: A Taste Of Freedom

Mark Steyn: Senate Adopts Exit Strategy From Reality

Edwin J. Feulner: Drug Benefit Needs a Year On Sidelines (Excellent)


A Former Partner In OSM Talks About How The Company Was Created And Why He’s Angry At Roger Simon

Roger Simon’s Side Of The OSM Story

Another Former Partner, Marc Danziger, Talks About His Time With OSM

Amid ‘Black Think’ Pressure, Christine Byington Quits

Michelle Malkin: Just A Yellow Woman Doing A White Man’s Job

San Fran Nan Finds Religion

Video: Two Chinese Guys Lip Sink To I Want It That Way (This Is Really Funny)

Website Of The Day: Panhandle Pundit

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