Daily News For Sep 27, 2005


US Govt Katrina Spending May Only Be $100 Bln-Aide

Rumors Of Deaths In The New Orleans Convention Center & The Super Dome Were Greatly Exaggerated

Cindy Sheehan Arrested At White House

Frist Says He Had No Inside Data On Stock. Senator Calls Sale An Effort To Avoid Conflict Of Interest (Free WAPO Reg Req + I Believe Him)

Bush Offers Pentagon As ‘Lead Agency’ In Disasters

Lynndie England Guilty Of Iraq Abuse

Faulty Body Armor May Have Endangered Bush

Republican ‘Porkers’ Urged to Stop Spending

U.S. Crime Rate Holds At 30-Year Low


The No. 2 Al Qaeda Leader In Iraq Was Killed Sunday Night, U.S. Officials Say. Abu Azzam, Reportedly The Deputy To Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, Was Shot During A House Raid In Baghdad

5 Iraqi Teachers Shot To Death In Classroom

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Tom DeLay: Republicans Will Defend Taxpayers (Given The Size Of The Deficit, That Defense Isn’t Worth A Bucket Of Warm Spit)

Mark Steyn: Politicians Not Giving Us Much Of A Choice

Robert Novak: GOP In Turmoil Over Spending

David Ignatius: How The Generals Think It’s Going In Iraq

Mike Adams: Welcome To UNC-We Love Black People


Police: Vegas Driver Wanted To ‘Run Down Demons’

Michigan: Mentally Unstable Son Slashes The Throat Of Mother & Stepfather In Failed Murder Attempt

Website Of The Day: Global Cop

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