Daily News For Sept 14, 2006


Military Chaplain Convicted Of Saying Prayers ‘In Jesus’ Name

Mother of Missing Boy Commits Suicide After Brutal CNN Attack Interview

Congress’s Republican Leadership Yesterday Threw Its Weight Behind Warrantless Wiretapping And Extrajudicial Military Tribunals (Free Wapo Reg Req)

Air America Denies Bankruptcy Report

Oil: Prices Plunge Below US $64

George Clooney Will Address The UN Security Council On The Crisis In Darfur (Ehr…)


Afghanistan: Fury As Nicey-Nice Brass Call Off Strike On Funeral

Judge-To-Saddam: ‘You Were Not a Dictator.’ Prosecutor Demands Judge Step Down

Blair Attacks Europe’s ‘Mad Anti-Americans’

Cartoons Mocking Holocaust Prove A Flop With Iranians


SurveyUSA: Lieberman 51% Vs. Lamont 38% Vs. Schlesinger 7%

SurveyUSA: Allen 48% Vs. Webb 45%

NBC News / Wall Street Journal Poll: Bush Approval 42%

Video: Newest Rick Santorum Ad


Michael Medved: Surprise As America’s “Most Popular” Religion

Robert Novak: Real Story Behind Armitage’s Role (Novak Rips Armitage To Pieces)

Ann Coulter: If Only Bin Laden Had a Stained Blue Dress…

George Will: Liberalism As Condescension


Anna Smith’s Son’s Death Suspicious

The Video Of George Bush Being Assassinated In A Movie (Disgusting)

Video: 40 Minute Long Video Of The Popular Mechanics Guys Methodically Destroying The Loose Change Conspiracy Theorists In A Debate

Website Of The Day: Blogging For Bolton

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