Daily News For Sept 27, 2006


Excerpts Of Secret Report Released

John McCain Says Extreme Sleep Deprivation, Forced Hypothermia And “Waterboarding” Have Been Banned (Ridiculous)

Bush Dismisses Clinton Critique As “Finger-Pointing”

Detainee Measure to Have Fewer Restrictions. White House Reaches Accord With Lawmakers (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Condi Rice Rips ‘Flatly False’ Bill Clinton Claim On Bush’s Bid
To Get Bin Laden

Claim: More of What You Won’t Read in the NYT About The National Intelligence Estimate


Musharraf ‘War-Gamed’ U.S., Concluded Pakistan Would Lose

Egypt Demands Hamas Free Israeli Soldier

Marine Corporal Questions War Coverage At Pentagon Employees’ Forum


Ex-Classmates With Ties To Democrats Charge That Allen Has Used Racial Epithet

Quinnipiac Poll In PA: Casey 51% Vs. Santorum 39%

The Newest Vernon Robinson Ad

Wictory Wednesday Endorses Max Burns For Us Congress


Mark Jaffe: Global Warming

Oliver Guitta: The Islamization of Morocco

George Will: A Fight To Define Equality

Strategy Page: Outsourcing Combat Reporting To The Enemy

Victor Davis Hanson: Islamic Fascism 101

Rich Lowry: Score One For The Neanderthals On Immigration


Has A Cure Been Found For Some Patients In A Persistent Vegetative State? (Too Late To Help Terri Schiavo)

Beyonce Knowles Record Sales Fall 70% After She Says She Only Makes Records For Black People

Australian Who Says Steve Irwin Shaped Love For Reptiles Plans To Feed Placenta To Pet Goannas

Website Of The Day: Mountaineer Musings

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