Daily News For September 12, 2005


Blair Assassination Plot

American Al Qaeda Operative Threatens New Attacks Against Cities In The Us And Australia

Israeli Troops Left The Gaza Strip On Sunday

Iran Military Says Katrina Showed U.S. Could Be Turned Into “War Zone”

Iraqis, GIs Raid ‘Qaeda’ Town

Iraq Constitution Talks Go On As Referendum Nears

Baghdad Airport Closed By ‘Unpaid’ UK Security Firm

Ditch Holocaust Day, Advisers Urge Blair Because It Is Offensive To Muslims (Unbelievable)

Hurricane Katrina

Lack Of Plan Hurt Katrina-Hit States’ Response

Much Of New Orleans Will Be Drained By October, Officials Say (Free WAPO Reg Req)

Feds Won’t Be Involved In Mandatory Evacuation Of New Orleans

Charities Crack 700 Billion. Well Ahead Of 9/11 Fund Raising

President In Gulf Coast For 3rd Post-Storm Visit

Mayor Nagin Joins Race Baiters

Suburban Police Blocked Evacuees & Then Tooks Their Food And Water

Armed Militia Protects Its New Orleans Neighborhood. Band Of Neighbors Survived Hurricane Katrina, Then Fought Off Looters

Public Howling Turns Tide For Four-Legged Evacuees (Free Chicago Tribune Reg Req)

Red Cross Footing Hotel Bills For Thousands

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The President’s Approval Rating Dips To 39% In AP-Ipsos Poll

Pentagon Revises Nuclear Strike Plan. Strategy Includes Preemptive Use Against Banned Weapons (Free WAPO Reg Req)


Mark Steyn: Terror War All But Forgotten On Home Front

Rachel Alexander: Illegal Immigration Solution Must Focus On Costs

Jack Kelly: The Federal Response To Katrina Was Not As Portrayed

Fred Barnes: The Politics Of Katrina

Jeff Jacoby: Barking About Gas


Jews And Freemasons Controlled War On Iraq Says Muslim Adviser To Tony Blair

New Trojan Swaps Porn For Koran

India: Mother Throws Baby Down A Well After Suspecting He Has Aids

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