Dean Likely DNC Chief, Rove Denies Involvement By Scott Ott

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean, whose failed presidential bid in 2004 established the power of the Internet as a campaign tool, seems poised to assume the leadership of the Democrat party, according to a report in The New York Times.

As the news broke, White House political advisor Karl Rove released a statement denying any role in Mr. Dean’s election as DNC chairman.

“I have no ongoing contact with Mr. Dean, nor influence with anyone in the Democrat party,” said Mr. Rove.

Asked to explain how the opposing party could rationally choose a man who dropped out of the White House race after one of the earliest primaries, Mr. Rove said, “It’s not like they have a slate of winners from which to choose. Dean’s probably the best candidate and he may do a good job if he can overcome his name recognition.”

The DNC chairman is primarily responsible for transferring millions of dollars from wealthy Democrats and labor unions, to advertising agencies, political consultants and delicatessens. The chairman also does frequent media interviews explaining why Americans overwhelmingly support the ideology of candidates who lose elections.

Satire used with permission of Scott Ott from Scrappleface. You can read more of his work by clicking here.

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