Democrat Platform Calls for Funneling Taxpayer Money to Left-Wing Activists

by Van Helsing | August 20, 2008 4:31 pm

Even the $zillionaire currency speculator George Soros[1] has limits to his resources. That’s why his Shadow Party[2] and it agents want to siphon fortunes from taxpayers to finance ultra-left projects. After all, our money is limitless — or at least, Democrats seem to think so. Michelle Malkin[3] explains:

Buried in the [Democrat Party platform] is a noble-sounding proposal to create a “Social Investment Fund Network.” The program would provide federal money to “social entrepreneurs and leading nonprofit organizations [that] are assisting schools, lifting families out of poverty, filling health care gaps, and inspiring others to lead change in their own communities.” The Democratic Party promises to “support these results-oriented innovators” by creating an office to “coordinate government and nonprofit efforts” and then showering “a series of grants” on the chosen groups “to replicate these programs nationwide.”

In practice, this Barack Obama brainchild would serve as a permanent, taxpayer-backed pipeline to Democratic partisan outfits masquerading as public-interest do-gooders. This George Soros Slush Fund would be political payback in spades. Obama owes much of his Chicago political success to financial support from radical, left-wing billionaire and leading “social entrepreneur” Soros. In June 2004, Soros threw a big fundraiser at his New York home for Obama’s Illinois Senate campaign. Soros and family personally chipped in $60,000. In April 2007, Obama was back in New York for a deep-pocketed Manhattan fundraising soiree, with Soros lurking in his shadow.

As for accountability…

Even more troubling is how the Democratic Party/Obama plan would siphon untold millions or billions of public tax dollars into the Soros empire without taxpayer recourse. Obama promises “accountability” measures to ensure the money is spent wisely. But who would assess effectiveness of the spending? Why, experts in the social entrepreneurship community, of course. Fox, meet henhouse.

Channeling tax loot to radical activists is the one area where Obama actually has experience. An example is ACORN.

Obama’s old friends at the Chicago-based nonprofit now take in 40 percent of their revenues from American taxpayers. They raked in tens of millions in federal antipoverty grants while some of their operatives presided over massive voter fraud and others were implicated in corporate shakedowns and mortgage scams across the country. Soros has donated at least $150,000 to the group, according to Investor’s Business Daily, and “heads a secretive rich-man’s club called ‘Democracy Alliance’ that has doled out $20 million to activist groups like ACORN.”

A more sinister operation than the antidemocratic ACORN[4] would be difficult to imagine — if not for abortion mills like Planned Parenthood[5], which also rakes in a fortune courtesy of taxpayers and the liberals who rob them.

No wonder Obama plans to jack taxes through the ceiling. He and his radical friends have big plans for our money.

George Soros
A big Obama backer — surprised?

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