Democrats’ Contemptible Push to Give Votes to the Young, the Crazy, the Criminal and the Disloyal

by Gina Cobb | December 1, 2007 1:47 pm

This expands on an earlier post at GINA COBB[1]

Why do leaders in the modern Democratic Party want children, felons, noncitizens, and the mentally ill to vote?[2]

If you’re a conservative, the question almost answers itself, doesn’t it?

All these groups have major, objectively demonstrable weaknesses in judgment or in their loyalties to America’s constitution and laws. 

Let’s begin with children. To state the obvious, they lack good judgment. Their intellectual development runs ahead of their common sense. That is why contracts that children enter into before age 18 are voidable at their option in most jurisdictions.

Children lack the judgment that comes from the school of experience. For example, an 18 year old today was only 12 years old when Bill Clinton left the White House, and was four years old when Bill Clinton’s term began. An 18 year-old has virtually no recollection of the first president Bush nor of Bill Clinton’s term in office, or anything that came before. (Young adults were still on playground swings while the Clintons engaged in their disgraceful shenanigans in the White House.) If the voting age were lowered to 17 or 16, the resulting ignorance gap wouild be even more frightening.

How about felons — should they be allowed to vote? It’s a reasonable societal judgment call that voting should be left to those who have not been convicted of crimes serious enough to put them in jail for a year or more.

To hand the power of the vote to noncitizens is just ludicrious. By definition, a noncitizen has divided loyalties. Do you want the Mohammed Attas of the world, or other would-be terrorists who obtain legal residency, to help pick America’s next president? The same is true of an illegal immigrant who has already ignored America’s immigration laws and who remains loyal to another country back home. No surer path to destruction of our republican democracy could be found.

Now, the last category of voters Democratic party leaders are seeking to enfranchise is almost too easy to address: The mentally ill. Could this perhaps tie in with this week’s Gallup poll reporting that far more Republicans than Democrats report having good mental health[3]?

It is not as if it takes a high standard of mental wellness to vote these days. When was the last time you saw someone’s voter registration pulled for making crazy remarks? It takes extreme mental illness to be ruled incompetent. There’s only one reason to give votes to people who are incapable of thinking rationally: to allow their votes to be decided by others who want to double their own votes. Casting a ballot from your crazy aunt who no longer remembers your name, let alone Ronald Reagan’s or the current president’s, is just one step removed from casting graveyard ballots.

If a political party can no longer get its candidates elected without votes from the immature and naive, the lawbreaking, the nonloyal, and the crazy, it is time for that political party to go by the wayside.

The minimal standards of sanity, competency and loyalty America has set for its electorate are there for very good reasons.

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