Democrats, Just Not So Democratic By Dan Riehl

by John Hawkins | April 28, 2008 6:30 am

One really must stop and appreciate this bit of irony, especially with Reid, Pelosi and Dean Reid, Pelosi and Dean threatening to weigh in[1] on the candidate selection. I should say: light-weight in. But I digress.

No matter how you slice it, what is now a fact, is that, the party that calls itself the “Democratic” party is going to nominate a candidate this year through a very “undemocratic” process. No other solution is possible. The so-called Super Delegates get to pick the Dem’s candidate, thereby telling the great unwashed (IE: liberals) who to support.

Neither candidate can win through the primary process. And Hillary may even win the popular vote. Gee, according to “We want Gore rules,” doesn’t that mean she gets the nod? After all, this delegate business is very much like an electoral college.

Nothing could be more telling as regards the Democrat Party today, as well as the contemporary liberal’s mindset, than that some central committee gets to tell the happy hamsters that make up the rank and file who wins.

LOL All the more reason to label it the Democrat Party, as opposed to the misnomer they prefer.

Actually, they should place a “U” by their names this year for “undemocratic.” They designed this silly process. Or maybe the U just stands for Unfit to govern America as a President.

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