Democrats Let The Lead Balloons Fly In 2007

Or should that be pink balloons? Really heavy ones that plow through the mantle of the Earth.

Let’s start with the Democrats 6 for ’06. What were they?

  1. Honest leadership and open government
  2. Energy independence
  3. A healthcare system that works for everyone
  4. Real security
  5. Economic prosperity and educational excellence
  6. Secure retirement

Let’s see:

  1. they passed an ethics bill that is being ignored by virtually everyone in Congress, especially the Democrats. Nancy P. demanded the use of a C-32, the military version of a 757-200. Pork is as high as normal. William Jefferson is still in Congress. Alcee Hastings. And as far as honest goes, laugh riot!
  2. They just passed an energy bill that does zip for energy independence. Increasing CAFE standards does not give us independence.
  3. Did they do anything on this? Nope. Dems do not seem to realize that talking is not doing.
  4. Bupkiss. Taking the side of terrorists and enemy states doesn’t count.
  5. Their idea of economic prosperity is to raise taxes, which they have tried. The minimum wage increase was passed by Republicans. 140 Dems in the House (including Pelosi) and 10 in the Senate voted against it. Nothing done for education.
  6. Again, bupkiss.

They were so bad they could not even get a resolution in support of Mother’s Day passed. It still languishes in committee. And, somehow, I do not think Dem leaders making kissy kissy with Syria counts for “real security.”

As far as lead balloons

  • unable to get the troops “redeployed”
  • unable to get a troop “redeployment” timeline passed
  • unable to get Operation Iraqi Freedom ended
  • impeachment never even on the table
  • that five day work week never really materialized. Heck, the first week was shorted so that the could watch football
  • weren’t able to screw over Big Oil
  • unable to control their Blue Dogs
  • failed at immigration reform

I’m sure the list goes on and on. What ya got?

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