Dems Go After Convicted Felon Vote

by Van Helsing | August 11, 2008 11:46 am

Democrats have found a rich new vein for mining votes: convicted felons[1].

In Alabama, Al Sharpton’s younger brother, the Rev. Kenneth Glasgow, will take his “Prodigal Son” ministry into state prisons with voter-registration cards for the first time. The American Civil Liberties Union recently filed suit there and in Tennessee to make it possible for an even larger class of felons to register. In Ohio, the NAACP will hold a voter-registration day at the Justice Center in downtown Cleveland this month to register “people caught up in the criminal justice system,” a local official said. In California, a team will stand in front of jails on Aug. 16 to register people visiting prisoners and encourage them to take registration cards to their incarcerated friends or family members, some of whom can legally vote.

In Florida, RINO Governor Charlie Crist recently pushed through a change that made 115,000 felons eligible to vote. The campaign to get them registered is being led by Obamunist civil rights lawyer Reggie Mitchell, who crows:

The majority of people to get their rights restored are Democrats, and if we get them registered, [we] might overtake the state.

Nice work, Crist. At least this might keep you from getting reelected.

That left-wing outfits assume the overwhelming majority of convicted felons would vote Democrat tells you all you need to know about the Party of Decline.

Charlie Crist, clueless RINO.

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