Dennis Kucinich Is Off His Rocker

If you want to see a perfect example of how far out of the mainstream many of the Democrats on the far left are, you need look no further than Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. Here are some of his comments from earlier today…

On Afghanistan

“…Asked if he still considered the outcome of U.S. military action in Afghanistan to be a disaster and a nightmare, he said: “I see the Taliban regaining strength and all these conflicts with warlords. The question is: What have we won? Where’s the victory?”

…On Afghanistan, Kucinich said the bombing of that country after the terrorist attacks on U.S. targets was “counterproductive.”

“We needed to take advantage of the moment and go to the world community and say, ‘Work with us collectively to track down these terrorists.’ Now, if a state resists, then that’s up to the community of nations. . . . When a nation or a government refuses, and the people who are directly responsible for an attack on this nation, then we have an obligation to go through the United Nations to work at providing an effective response.”

“The government of Afghanistan itself didn’t attack us. That’s the thinking. That is a major point here in terms of the community of nations.”

On Iraq

He quoted Dean as saying recently that he would keep at least 75,000 U.S. troops in Iraq and added, “If I’m successful in this, I won’t keep a single troop in Iraq.”

“I say we can’t get out fast enough, but it has to be a stabilizing transition with the help of the U.N.,” Kucinich said.”

On America

“…Asked in what ways today the United States was a positive force in the world, Kucinich paused for 15 seconds before answering.

“I think the mythic dimensions of America that speak to freedom and an open society and a kind of optimism are part of an ever-present awareness that occurs around the world,” he said. “There’s a lot of pain associated with the world seeing America being disconnected from its policies.”

Let’s see…

— Kucinich is such a pacifist that he doesn’t even think we should have bombed Afghanistan.

— For all intents and purposes he favors giving the UN a veto over how we use our troops.

— He’d yank our troops out of Iraq and let the UN wimps who’ve already run for the hills handle things which would practically guarantee a nightmare scenario.

— He can’t even think of something good to say about the United States.

Dennis Kucinich shouldn’t be a Congressman who’s running for President. Instead he should be doing something that’s a better fit for a person with his kooky beliefs…like, you know –picking up trash on Greenpeace boats or making “No War For Oil” Signs for ANSWER. But at least Kucinich is proof that anybody really can grow up and at least run for President in the United States.

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