Despite Low Poll Numbers, Obama Still Gets His Way and His Agenda Passed

by SusanAnne Hiller | July 13, 2010 1:26 pm

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It’s encouraging to see the American people finally wake up to Obama’s true intentions of his fundamental transformation of America, and November can’t get here fast enough to retake the Congress or at minimum, the House.: :  Two polls being reported today include one from CBS[2]:

Mr. Obama’s approval rating on the economy has tumbled five percentage points from last month, according to a new CBS News poll, with just 40 percent of those polled expressing full confidence in his actions.

More than half of those questioned (54 percent) said they disapproved of Mr. Obama’s handling of the economy. Last month, 45 percent approved. The drop in approval has been seen mostly among independents, just 35 percent of whom now say they approve.

The other poll is from ABC/WaPo[3], which has Obama at a 43% approval rating, and as Ed Morrissey over at HotAir notes[4]:  is not an outlier and is confirmation that Rasmussen has been right all along.

Even with America voicing serious concerns with Obama and his radical administration, he does still get his legislation passed–which is alarming, destructive, and disturbing.:  The cronyism in DC, coupled with the bribes, back-scratching, and deceptive branding of bills, is further evidence that Washington needs a political enema to, er, flush itself of the waste.

Let’s recap what Obama has bullied Congress into passing against the consent of the governed:

1. “Stimulus” bill passes

2.) Cap and trade passes House

3.) Health care passes

4.) Financial regulation expected to pass

5.) Global warming, climate change, clean energy being pushed through under an emergency

6.) Immigration fight ensuing

7.) Donald Berwick recess appointment

Throw in some unpopular executive orders along with the bullying from Pelosi and Reid, and the result is Congress has rendered itself irrelevant and obsolete and Obama has basically completed his transformation within the first two years of his administration.:  All foundations and centralization: in place.:  All systems go.

Exit questions::  If Obama passes his agenda now, will he: run in 2012?: : Can he win again?

The mask is off the progressive/Democrat agenda and the majority of America wants no part of it.:  It will be worth watching how this unfolds, but know this Hillary is Obama lite–and from the Alinsky school of thought–which destroys the “haves” and takes it away and gives it back to the “have-nots” who had it stolen from them in the view of the left.

One final thought::  most of this legislation is to take effect after the 2010 elections and the 2012 presidential election.:  So, if the Republicans win and take back Congress and the presidency and all of this progressive and oppressive legislation takes effect, will the Democrats take the blame or the Republicans if they are control.:  The Republicans: were: the “party of no.”:  That political brand may be hard to change.

But, that’s a Democrat–must: have it both ways as we have seen over and over.:  Democrats: “help” the people, while effectively enslaving them with handouts.:  I wonder if the African-American community even realizes that it was the Republicans[5]:  who championed civil rights and the Democrats who denied them and enslaved them again through permanent welfare and government handouts.

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