Did Babs & Bubba Boink?

Did Bubba and Babs engage in a little bouncy bouncy? This article in USA Today, about Barbra Streisand’s unauthorized biography seems to suggest exactly that:

“(Streisand) was perhaps the most famous FOB (Friend of Bill), but was President Clinton more than a friend? Hillary banned Babs from the White House, according to Andersen, after Streisand stayed in the Lincoln Bedroom while Hillary was away.”

So was Hillary just being paranoid or was Bill doing Barbra in the Lincoln Bedroom? A better question: given that Bill Clinton is a serial adulterer who has at a minimum cheated on Hillary with a few women and has probably had a dozen plus during their freaky pseudo-marriage, why did Hillary get so upset about one more? Obviously, Hillary has made peace with the fact that her husband sleeps around on her, so what set her off about Babs?

You know, it’ll never happen, but if Bill Clinton were to actually write a truthful memoir that talked openly about his strange relationship with Hillary and all the affairs he’s had, it would be the best selling book since the Bible.

Hat tip to Debbie Schlussel for the story.

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