Dieboldmania At The Democratic Underground

by John Hawkins | January 9, 2008 6:00 am

Over at the Democratic Underground, they’re in full tinfoil hat mode over Clinton’s surprise victory over Obama. Here are just SOME of the threads that they have going over there,

* NH vote concern, One man controls the counting

* ALL Diebold, ALL the Time – It’s the NH Primary

* …… Warning….. Do Not Adjust Your Set…. Follow the numbers from our DIEBOLD servers…

* Are We Talking About Exit Polls Being Off, Internal Polls Off, Day Tracking Polls Wrong & DIEBOLD?

* Well Diebold won again

* Nearly 15 point shift from last night’s polls to today’s vote, with unaudited Diebold scanners?

* Okay, If Diebold is f*cking with the numbers, in who’s favor?

* The disparity between polling and this result is too wide to explain…

* Don’t forget, polls were never so innaccurate BEFORE BushCo 2000.

* What if ……… the polls were rigged and the votes were right?

* Ok, So only Democrats lie to Pollers??? funny thing Repukes were on the money

* So let me get this straight…Obama’s been winning all day up until the polls close

* Deep Tin Foil Time

* Why were McCain’s poll numbers accurate and Obama’s weren’t?

* Does NH use Deibold???????

* They f*cking stealing the vote,

PS: This one has nothing to do with rigged elections. I added it just because it was funny.

Nothing says “change” like John McCain and Hillary Clinton

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