Disney Cuts Funding to Punish Boy Scouts For Not Allowing Gay Adult Leaders…

by Tiffiny Ruegner | March 4, 2014 1:53 pm

The attacks against the BoyScouts of America from both sides on the “gay” issue is having the desired effect in destroying what is actually a very moral organization. Last week a discussion on my facebook page began because I posted an update that my 12-yr old was about to earn his Star Rank in BoyScouts. A FB fan, James Yeakley, final post [1]to me about it before I banned him was “The bad thing about Scouts nowadays is the increased probability that your son will be returned to you with a rectal prolapse after spending a fun-packed week at Camp Gitchee-Goomee Noonie-WaWa.

BSA comment from James Yeakley[2]
Before that last post I tried to educate him on the actual argument about BoyScouts vs. gays. The history is that last May, the Boy Scouts of America, a 103 year old organization for boys, put out a statement that they were not going to disallow membership: to a scout based on sexual orientation alone. The largest contingent of the BSA, the Mormon Church (which: consists of nearly 40,000 units, almost a half million boys) immediately released their statement [3]saying “This policy applies to Church-sponsored Scout units. Sexual orientation has not previously been–and is not now–a disqualifying factor for boys who want to join Latter-day Saint Scout troops. Willingness to abide by standards of behavior continues to be our compelling interest. These standards are outlined in the booklet For the Strength of Youth[4] and include abstinence from sexual relationships.”

The attacks from all sides: against this private organization whose goal is: to teach boys how to be self reliant and able to survive anything, are starting to wear on the BSA. The pressure from the Gay Lobby has been tremendous and major donors like Disney,: have been pulling out because the Boy Scouts continue to deny gays to hold: leadership over boys.[5]

BSA straight as arrow[6]

Need more fabulous.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – The Walt Disney Company will cut funding to the Boy Scouts of America beginning in 2015 because of a policy that bans gay adult leaders in the organization.

The Boy Scouts organization is “disappointed” by the decision, which will affect the organization’s ability to serve children, Deron Smith, a Boy Scouts spokesman, said in a statement Sunday. Disney does not provide direct funding to the Boy Scouts, but it donates money to some troops in exchange for volunteer hours completed by Disney employees, he said.

“We believe every child deserves the opportunity to be a part of the Scouting experience and we are disappointed in this decision because it will impact our ability to serve kids,” he said.

David Jefferson, chief spokesman for The Walt Disney Company, did not respond to calls or emails.

Disney’s decision came to light after the president of a local Boy Scout council based in Orlando, Fla., where Disney World is based, sent a memo alerting local troops to the decision.

The memo was posted on the website of Scouts for Equality, an organization that is critical of the Boy Scouts’ policy to ban adult gay troop leaders.

If you are one of those participating in spreading the virulent media lies like James Yeakley, that the BSA is a training camp to turn boys gay,: understand that you are fighting on the side of the Gay Lobby. The goal of the Gay Lobby is to destroy EVERY American institution that represents traditional morals. Just like the fall of traditional marriage, the BSA will inevitably be destroyed because good people aren’t standing up and speaking the truth because of their: fear of being targeted themselves by the Gay Lobby.

Captured: Two men that Carjack and Rob a Pregnant Woman in LABOR at Gunpoint[7]

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