Doesn’t The Anti-War Left Ever Get Tired Of Repeating The Same Incorrect Cliches?

by John Hawkins | December 3, 2003 11:25 pm

You know, at a certain point, some of the mindless cliches the anti-war left mouths go from simply being vacuous & incorrect, to being offensive. Here’s a perfect example of what I mean from John Kerry[1]…

“The war on terrorism is not just an American cause; it is a global conflict against a hidden and deadly enemy with many faces in many places,” Kerry said. “No matter how much power we have, we cannot prevail single-handedly.”

Kerry backed the president’s war resolution against Iraq, then struggled for months to explain the stance to Democratic voters angry with the pre-emptive strike. While saying in the address that he supported holding Saddam Hussein accountable, Kerry asserted that Bush “did it in the worst possible way — without the United Nations, without our allies and without a plan to win the peace.”

I really have gotten sick and tired of this sort of idiocy. We went to the UN and after a ridiculous amount of jaw-jawing, we got a unanimous resolution. Then when it came time to enforce that resolution, the UN just refused to put any muscle behind their words…again. How long were we supposed to sit around twiddling our thumbs trying to get Germany, France, Russia, Syria, and company to do what they said were going to do? Another year? Five years? Ten years? There was absolutely nothing to be gained by continuing to wait for approval that everybody who’s honest about the situation has to admit was NEVER GOING TO COME.

Then there’s this idea that there’s “no plan to win the peace”. That’s just a bald faced lie and John Kerry knows it. The Bush administration has been spending massive amounts of money to try to get Iraq back on it’s feet, we’re setting a date to turn power over to the Iraqis, we’re aggressively attacking the insurgents & terrorists, all while we’re rapidly building up the Iraqi military and police force. To claim that there is “no plan” is an insult the intelligence of everyone who hears Kerry’s comments. Maybe Kerry doesn’t agree with Bush’s plan, but only an idiot could believe that there isn’t one.

Last but not least, the claim that we went in “without our allies” is callous snobbery of the worst sort. When we went in, Britain, Poland, and Australia put their blood and treasure on the line with us. How can a man who wants to be President just pretend that never happened?

Furthermore, since the war has been over, brave men and women from Britain, Italy, Spain, Poland, the Ukraine, & Denmark have all lost their lives helping us bring Democracy to Iraq. How dare John Kerry sneer at the sacrifices they made just so he can take a banal cheap shot at President Bush?

Let me tell you something about our REAL allies; they’re not Frenchmen sitting around sipping wine and complaining about America in some French cafe while their grand-fathers die of heat stroke in sweltering apartments with air-conditioning and they’re not German commies who hate Americans and idiolize Marx[2]. All of America’s real allies are standing shoulder to shoulder with us and laying it on the line in Iraq. John Kerry’s haughty dismissal of their support is nothing less than contemptible.

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