Donald Trump Is Nothing More Than A Self Promoter, and Let’s End the Birther Nonsense

If any of you are thinking of taking Donald Trump seriously, please let me say to you…Have you lost your mind?! Trump is nothing more than a self promoter, and he cares about as much about conservative values and principles as Tiger Woods cares about celibacy.

Trump has never been conservative. He has never been even a supporter of Republicans. He gave money to Rahm Emanual’s campaign, for heaven’s sake. He gives money to both Republicans and Democrats.He gives to whoever can help him the most, at the time. Trump has grabbed on to this birther thing to cause more controversy and self promotion. He knows a lot of people wonder why Pres. Obama is spending millions to keep from showing the long form of his birth certificate.*

Let me just address this birther thing for a moment. I don’t believe that Pres. Obama was born anywhere but Hawaii. Birth certificate nonwithstanding, there was a birth announcement in the Hawaii newspaper at the time. So, come on folks. I don’t think his parents were planning on him running for President one day. So, why doesn’t the President just produce the dang thing (the long form) and be done with it? (Even said, ” We tried to ask the Hawaii DOH why they only offer the short form, among other questions, but they have not given a response.”)

Only two things make sense to me. One, it’s a way for them to paint people who believe otherwise as some sort of crazy rightwing lunatics. Two, there could be something on the certificate that he doesn’t want out there. At first I thought that maybe the religion was listed as Muslim, which wouldn’t be that far out, since his father was Muslim and they believe that a child of a Muslim is a Muslim. Even though I personally don’t see what difference that would make, I can see that Obama’s people already have to deal with the “Obama’s a Muslim” belief, and they don’t want to have to deal with it on the birth certificate.

What birthers haven’t asked themselves is why would Obama’s parents go to all the trouble to fake his birth in Hawaii? It seems clear to me that neither parent were much of a parent. His Dad was never in his life, and his Mom sent him to live with her parents. I can’t seem them caring one wit whether he was an American citizen of not.

Like Obama, I was born in the 1961 as as well. I went and looked at my birth certificate and there is no place for someone to put their religion. Not all states are the same though. So, I looked through what is there. It asked about previous deliveries. Other siblings? It also asked if Mother was married? Perhaps she put “unmarried?”

Who knows? I just think it’s absurd that this is still an issue. But it will continue to be as long as Obama doesn’t show the long form, and spends millions to fight it.* Which is maybe what they want. In politics, nothing, and I mean nothing, surprises me. I just want everyone to stop talking about it. It distracts from the things we need to get done. I don’t care if the certiticate proves he is an alien from the moon. He’s President. And the only thing that will change that is for us TO ELECT SOMEONE ELSE. So let’s get to it.

Anyway, back to Trump. Trump is now a born again conservative. He’s pro life now and he seems to have suddenly found his Christianity. You should have heard him on the Christian show, the 700 club. He was CLEARLY out of his element. Talking about God and the Bible as if he had been in a business deal with both. Nothing in his life has ever shown me that he is a Christian. I am more of a “show me” girl. Talk is just talk. But beyond that pandering to Christians, beyond his new found pro life beliefs, beyond his birther obession, beyond his promising to make OPEC lower gas prices, he has been on the wrong side of our most precious rights; property rights.

In 1998 the Supreme Court ruled in favor of an elderly widow who was facing condemnation of her home by a state agency, who wanted to take her property without her consent, at a bargain basement price, and transfer it to…….Donald Trump. Trump had convinced the agency to use it’s “eminent domain” power to take the woman’s home so he could build a a limousine parking lot for his customers. This is the complete opposite of what conservatism is all about. Trump is not a conservative. He is one who only worships himself. Don’t you think we have had enough of that with our own President already???

Trump believes in one thing. Donald Trump. Please don’t be fooled by big pretty words. The liberals were fooled by Obama’s big pretty words too. He promised them closing of Gitmo, the end of the Bush tax cuts, no wireless wiretapping, an end to the wars, and no rendition. But all that didn’t happen, because to people like Obama and Donald, the only thing that matters is their own power. So don’t be fooled people. Donald is to the right, what Obama is to the left. A man who says the right things, but only does what is best for him.

So, let’s let go of any notion of this man. It’s time to find a real leader for our country.

Enjoy one of my favorite shows, Red Eye, give their assessment of Donald Trump. It pretty much mirrors mine.

*I cannot get reportesr or stories other than partisan ones, to verify that Obama is spending millions fighting this. Trump has said that he is and no reporters corrected him, so I am assuming it’s true. What I can’t get over is, if it’s true, why can’t ONE reporter ask him why? I’d like this issue to go away. I think the MSM enjoys it though, which is why they won’t put an end to it. Update: Politifact did look at this, and they basically found that saying Obama has spent 2 million on the birth certificate issue isn’t true, since that’s the total amount they have spent on ALL legal work. But, alas, even they couldn’t find the number that Obama has spent. So it could be $500,000 or it could be $200,000. But the question remains, why spend anything at all?

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