Don’t Believe What You’re Reading On Drudge; The GOP Is Getting Crushed In The Fundraising Department

by John Hawkins | May 28, 2008 10:09 am

There has been a some talk lately that the GOP has closed the gap with the Democrats on funding and has even passed them.

Here’s the latest story in this vein, from The Hill[1],

Carly Fiorina, an adviser to Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign, said Tuesday that the Arizona Republican has more funds at his disposal than does Democratic front-runner Sen. Barack Obama (Ill.).

“At the end of the April, John McCain had cash on hand of over $60 million, and Sen. Obama had cash on hand of over $50 million,” Fiorina said on CNN. However, she added the money that the Republican National Committee (RNC) has in the bank to McCain’s total. The RNC has a significant cash advantage over the Democratic National Committee. On the other hand, Obama had $46 million in the bank at the end of April, more than twice the amount of McCain’s cash reserves.

This is completely and utterly delusional.

The RNC’s money is not just for the Presidential race; it’s for the Congressional races as well and since the NRSC and NRCC are getting absolutely blown apart in the fundraising department, the GOP is going to desperately need funds from the RNC to stay competitive.

Just take a look at the numbers[2] and remember that Obama not only has a 2-to-1 cash on hand advantage over McCain, he’s raising money at a much faster clip, too.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee out-raised the National Republican Congressional Committee for the month, with $5 million for the DCCC to $4.2 million for the NRCC. The real edge is in cash-on-hand — the DCCC has $45.3 million on hand, compared to only $6.7 million for the NRCC, an advantage that will have big ramifications this Fall.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee just edged out the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the month, at $4.3 million to the DSCC’s $4.2 million. However, the DSCC maintains a cash-on-hand advantage of $37 million to the NRSC’s $19.4 million.

The only good area for the GOP is the Republican National Committee, which has vastly outraised the DNC. The RNC took in $20 million for the month, compared to only $4.8 million for the DNC. And the RNC now has a cash advantage of $41 million against the DNC’s $4.4 million.

Don’t let these headlines fool you; unless something changes, the Democrats are going to have a huge cash advantage in November.

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