Don’t Throw John Bolton Under The Bus

by John Hawkins | November 9, 2006 8:33 am

There is already speculation now that John Bolton[1] is going to get the ax next because there’s no way that the Democrats will ever agree to confirm him.

But, Bolton isn’t a political liability and he’s done a fine job at the UN. So, instead of canning him, why shouldn’t Bush publicly urge the Democrats to confirm him in a display of bipartisanship. Yeah, I know — Democrats and bipartisanship, ha, ha, ha. But, just because the Democrats and the mainstream media define compromise as Republicans caving and moving to the Democratic position doesn’t mean that Republicans should agree.

Why shouldn’t Bush come out and say that Bolton has done a fine job of fighting corruption, standing up for American interests, and making a real effort to try to reform an almost completely dysfunctional institution? Then, let the Democrats explain why we need to go along to get along at the UN. The truth is that the Democrats didn’t have any substantial reasons to oppose Bolton in the first place, it was all just knee jerk “oppositionalism.” Now that Bolton has proven himself at the UN for a while, they have absolutely no reason to vote against him other than to stick it to Bush.

Come on, W, stick to your guns! Even if you lose on Bolton, it’s better to go down swinging than just capitulate to the Democrats “just because.”

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