Dozens of Sadrists Go to the Pokey

by Jimmie | November 20, 2007 8:00 am

Good Morning, RWN-philes. My name is Jimmie Bise, Jr and I blog at The Sundries Shack[1]. I’m pleased to be one of John’s guest bloggers today. I think him for the chance to introduce myself to you all and to point you over to my blog, which has plenty of room for new visitors (hint, hint).

I’m in an exceptionally good mood this morning after sleeping on this story from Diwaniyah, Iraq. I hope you find it as refreshing as I did.

Mookie al-Sadr and his merry band of thugs are at the wrong end of the gun[2] this time, and it’s about darned time. I’m one of those crazed wingnuts who believe that one of the President’s greatest mistakes in Iraq was letting this guy off the hook years ago. In my warmongering opinion, he’s been living on borrowed time and, unless he continues to hide under his masters’ robes in Iran, it’s only a matter of time before he’s behind bars to pushing up daisies.

Here’s a bit from the story that’s especially encouraging:

Diwaniyah’s police chief, Major General Ali Akmoosh, said the assault also led to the dismissal of 70 policemen, including some officers.

“They have been dismissed for supporting armed gangs,” he said.

As I said, when I wrote about this last night[3], if the police force in Dwianiyah is purging itself of the bad eggs, it’s not going to be long before we see it happening in other cities. That will be the beginning of the end for the sectarian agitators and Iranian operatives.

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